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Finding a home for MY Manuscripts

For me, as a fairly new author, not only is writing about getting the story written, edited it, sent off to CP’s, then edit some more, before thinking it may be finally ready to send off to a publisher, it’s also about finding the right publisher to send it to!

AND part of that angst for a writer could be –

“I don’t wrote Specific Mainstream, so who may want to read it. Where does my Manuscript belong?”

I love Historical Romance. It was the passion that had me writing my first short stories, over 20 years ago.  But as I’ve learnt so much more about the publishing industry in these past 8 years, I came to realize my Historicals (& other works) tend to be more grittier, more darker, more subject to *scrutiny* as far as the norm for a *standard Historical*.

So I shelved the 3 book series and grew with other areas of my writing … Contemporary, Fantasy & Paranormal – all tending

to be a lot more on the spicy/explicit side, but ALL romance, never the less, until recently.

This past weekend I was involved with RWAustralia CLaytons Conference.  I attended several informative workshops and wImageas involved with the wonderful presentations offered.

One in particular being the Presentation by the lovely ( & patient), Charlotte Ledger from Harper Impulse.

This is their site introduction: About Harper Impulse (by Harper Impulse)


♥ New writers who dare to be different – and the more the merrier!   ♥ The imprint will publish from fun & fast Adult and New Adult genre fiction to more mainstream novels; particularly contemporary, historical, paranormal and erotic fiction.   

♥ We are looking for any length & really want writers who want to push the boundaries in terms of storytelling – whether that be mashing genres, experimenting with length etc.

What’s different about us?   We have a truly digital first publishing mindset – we think about content and how women want to read it.

We are romance experts – we love reading, talking, blogging, tweeting, waffling on about all things romance.

We are global and we want authors from everywhere and anywhere because we are going to reach readers everywhere and anywhere –
all they need is a reading device and we can send them our books!

We are open to trying new things – for instance, we have just acquired six short stories to read on your mobile based around – kisses. We’ll be sending out a kiss a week to our HarperImpulse readers, that’s pretty fantastic!

We want to read what our authors want to write! If authors are passionate about a particular story then that passion shines through in their words – whatever the genre, whatever the length or format. I read a lot on my mobile, so short-form content works really well for me but I also love epic fantasy where size really counts!

We’ll try anything once at HarperImpulse – a good philosophy for publishing and life I think!

EVERYTHING that leads to what I have most learned in Publishing has brought me to here: **Make sure you KNOW your writing, your style & find the RIGHT publisher for it.**

SO what grabbed me when I first read what HarprImpulse were about, was the part about *PUSHING the Boundaries* … and straight away I came alive with the possibilities that maybe I had found a home for my style of Unique writing in the genre of Romance & Love.

Well … after hearing the exciting things Charlotte had to say about HarperImpulse, what they were looking for in the Romance Genre, how they interact with and support their writers, I have decided to pull my beloved MS out of mothballs, polish her up and send her winging off into Cyber space. Charlotte said this was a MS’s they were definitely interested in.

Those few words have become the light at the end of my tunnel.

OKAY in all probability, my MS won’t be accepted, ( you have to have so many rejections to make it in the Publishing world), but I now have hope that what & how I choose to write my not be all for nothing after all 🙂